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Product Name: Talkia

Category: Voiceover Software

Creator: Brad Callen

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Are you ready for the next great leap forward in voice over tech? The new Talkia voiceover software is here for you to check out. This new program represents the true state of the art in 21st century voice over technology. In this Talkia review, we’ll lay out all of its features as well as what it can do to benefit you.

What Does it Promise to Do?

The new Talkia voiceover software promises to provide a wide range of features that are well worth looking into. Its primary purpose is to allow you to create voiceovers that sound like actual human voices. This means no more of the weird pauses, robotic cadences, or telltale mispronunciations that are the telltale signs of a “bot.”

The program has been specially developed by a team of language and voice over tech experts. The express purpose has been to give you a voiceover program that finally does resemble a real human voice. It has been tested in a number of global markets in order to make good on this promise of fooling even those who can usually spot a bot.

This is voice over software that gives you a wide range of choices. You can choose the type of voice you want to feature. This includes the gender, accent, and kid or adult. You can completely customize the pitch and speed with which your voice “reads” the content that you have prepared for it.

The program has been hailed by industry experts and users all over the world as the most unique and accurate voiceover program yet conceived. For this reason, we believe it to be well worth your time to investigate. We have made use of it ourselves before commissioning this review so that we could be personally convinced of its quality.

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How Does it Actually Work?

You will need to install the Talkia voiceover program on to your computer. You can do this by purchasing and then downloading the program from the official Talkia website. The process is a very simple one. It normally takes only a few minutes at the most to complete. Once downloaded, you just need to login into the software.

The program itself is designed to be very easy to get used to. This is a system that features virtually no learning curve to adjust to. You can have the program up and running in a very short amount of time. You don’t have to be any kind of logistical system or computer expert to use the program as soon as you have downloaded it.

However, if you do require assistance, the program does come with a full set of step by step instructions. You can refer to the official Talkia site to find a wide range of tutorials that will take you through every aspect of getting started. There is also a customer service team to contact in case you have any more complex questions.

Setup Process

In this Talkia review, we’ll give you the lowdown on how the system can be set up. There are 5 easy steps from start to finish. These can be listed as follows:

Step 1: Type or paste your content into the Talkia browser. The program has been enriched with enough info to be able to pronounce all of the words with no possibility of a tell tale misstep. You will need to however experience a bit with the available settings until you get the exact result you are looking for.

Copying and pasting the text

Step 2: Choose the type of voice that you want to feature for your content. You can choose male, female, kid, or adult. You can also choose the type of accent that you want your voice to employ and the technology you want to use.

Setting up the type and speed of the voiceover

Step 3: Preview your voice over to make sure it’s turning out to your satisfaction. You can do this by clicking on the “Speak It” button. It will then play back what has been recorded so far. If you don’t care about what you hear, you can go back to the earlier stages in order to make all of the changes that you feel are necessary.

Testing the work done so far

If you are fully satisfied with what you hear, you can click on the “Add to Timeline” button to preserve everything that has been generated up to this point.

Adding the voiceover to timeline

Step 4: At this point, you will be able to further customize the results. You can choose from a wide variety of background music to add a bit of drama and atmosphere to your voice over. If you prefer not to add any kind of musical backing, you can simply skip past this step.

Choose or upload a background music

Step 5: You can now export your finished voice over to the platform of your choice. This may include your laptop, PC, plug-in, phone, or any other medium that you choose. The voiceover itself will be translated in a handy mp3 format for you to deliver at your convenience.

Exporting the final voiceover in MP3 format
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Here is a walkthrough video of the Installation process

— We have used Talkia for the Voiceover

Places You Can Use the Talkia Program

You can use the Talkia program in a wide number of settings. The program is designed to be instantly adaptable to whatever device you wish to employ it on. You can also use it to provide voiceovers to a variety of special applications. These can include, but are not limited to, the following:

Video Sales Letters

Video sales letters are an excellent place to host your first major voice over. This is all the more true since many voiceover pros charge hundreds of dollars for their work. If you’re a new business owner on a shoe string budget, this just isn’t in your realm of possibility.

Of course, now it no longer matters because you can use the Talkia voiceover system to attain just as good, if not better, results. The Talkia program will say exactly what you want it to say, with no hiccups, hesitations, or delivery delays. It will do your video sales letter and then move on to the next task without needing a break.

Educational or Training Videos

Your new Talkia voice over program will provide the perfect narration for your next set of educational or training videos. This will save you a great deal of time, effort, and money. The Talkia program will take viewers through every step of the news that you want to share with them. It will do so in a clear and friendly voice.

Marketing Videos

Do you wish you could hire some hot Hollywood icon to narrate your next marketing video? With the use of the new Talkia voice over program, you can get an amazingly similar effect. It may even be so close that it can fool those who aren’t paying quite enough attention.

You can use the program to provide narration for your whiteboard video, new product promo, sales announcement, Facebook or YouTube ad, or any other purpose that you have in mind. You can adjust the accent, cadence, pitch, and every other detail of the narrative voice. While you’re at it, you can throw in some catchy background music.

Audio Books

Don’t feel like narrating your own audio book? Maybe you don’t like the sound of your own voice. Perhaps English is not your first language and you don’t want to take any chances. Whatever your reason may be, Talkia can help you. You can use this handy program to provide first class narration for every word of your new audio book.

You can shape and shade the voice in any direction you like. You can adjust the cadence, pitch, accent, and even the gender to provide the ultimate audio book listening experience for your reader. You can even adjust the program to resemble your own voice as closely as possible, only without all of your perceived “imperfections.”

Website Videos

More and more people prefer to watch videos on a website. This gives them something to look at and listen to. This is an info gathering technique that is much more natural and interactive for many people than staring at a big white wall of text. If English is not your first language, a video message may be much easier for you to absorb.

You can use the new Talkia voiceover program to create catchy, informative videos for a variety of purposes. You can use it to introduce your business and the team that works for you. You can have it narrate an informative video about your background, skills, and qualifications as the owner of the business.

You can also use it for other purposes, such as introducing your latest line of products. It’s great for quick videos that announce big sales events, anniversary celebrations, and much more. You can even program the video to provide narration for a live presentation that you can stream on YouTube, Facebook, or your own website.

Languages Supported

The Talkia voiceover program is set up to be fluent in a large number of major languages. This includes a wide variety of languages from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. You can use the system to produce stunning simulations of even some of the most obscure accents in a large number of languages from all over the world.

These may include English, French, Italian, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and various Indian and other languages. All have been painstakingly loaded into the system to provide you with an endless range of options. The pronunciations are spot on so very few, if any, will know better.

One of the more interesting features of the new program is that you can also choose to feature a voiceover that is purposely speaking a language with a foreign accent. For example, if you want your voice over to have the sound of someone with a French accent speaking in the English tongue, you can program Talkia to give you this effect.

What Are the Defining Features?

Perhaps the most important defining feature that you should take notice of is the fact that this new program really does deliver a fully lifelike and “human” voice. Gone are the days when a program almost fooled you, only to be revealed by a sudden hiccup, odd pause, or strange mispronunciation of a ridiculously common word.

But there are plenty of other features that you should take full note of. One of them is the fact that the program uses universal mp3 technology in order to be compatible with any device you choose to deliver it to. The content that you generate using this program will not be “exclusive” to Apple, iPad, or any other venue in particular.

Another great feature to take into account is the money that you will save by not having to rely any longer on voiceover pros. This means that when you want to make a new video, you can simply turn on the Talkia and get straight to it. You don’t have to wait on them to show up and you won’t owe them $500 when you finish the session.

Pros / Cons

The pros of this program are many. You now have a voiceover system that really does provide state of the art narration that can be relied on. This is a program that really will deliver your content in the voice you prefer, in the cadence that you choose, and at just the right pitch to sound fully “human” in all senses of the word.

There really aren’t a great many cons to speak of. You should definitely check your budget to make sure that you can easily afford this new handy new software program. It is priced to be easily available to users as possible. However, as with many other voiceover programs, it isn’t really meant for the casual user.

As with any voice over program on the market, you’ll need to weigh your interest and excitement against your actual need for such a product. If you are a business owner, audiobook writer, or content provider, this is definitely a program that you will want to learn more about. Its defining features make it well worth your investment.


If you’re interested in getting a voice over program, Talkia is the service you need to be talking to. We can offer you our bonus of 7500 image you can use with your voice over creations.

The standard monthly membership is little as $39 per month giving you a ton of exciting member perks to get you started. Again, if you get Talkia through our article you will receive our special bonus.

The Enterprise monthly membership which give you access in all the features is at $69 per month.

Meanwhile, you can save 49 percent by joining with annual membership. The standard annual is $20 per month, billed on an annual basis.

The Enterprise annual membership which give you access in all the features is as low as $40 per month, again billed annually. Yearly memberships come with added features and an amazing savings for your budget.

Please note that all Talkia voice over software packages come with a 30 day, money back warranty. If you are not completely satisfied with your software, just return it within the 30 day period and they will refund your money with no questions asked.

Membership Pricing and Features

Prices: monthly payment

Standard Package

A standard membership with Talkia comes with the following features:

  • 1000 words per voiceover
  • 65 different voices to choose from
  • 27 different male voices
  • 38 different female voices
  • 4 young peoples’ voices
  • 30 different background music selections to choose from

Enterprice Package

  • 5000 words per voiceover
  • 329 different voices in total
  • 136 different male voices
  • 193 different female voices
  • 23 different young peoples’ voices
  • 150 different background music selections to choose from
  • Full commercial rights are included

Don’t Miss Our Special Bonus with your Talkia purchase

Our special bonus for the readers.

Get Talkia With Our Bonus

We can also offer you a very special Google drive link that is filled with extra material that you will find very useful. Once we send you the link, all you then need to do is request access.

Once you request this access, we will instantly approve it. At this point, you will be able to sample over 7,500 royalty free images. You can use these special images in any way that you wish. They are excellent for videos, websites, PPC ads, blog content, and any other use that you wish to employ them for.

Image of the bonus you will be getting from us (25 folders containing 7,500 images in total)

Disclaimer: *When someone clicks and buys the product through our links, we may receive a commission on behalf of any affiliate programs we might be registered. Any bonuses mentioned in the reviews will be accessible only if you have purchased the product by clicking on any links found in this article.
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Comparing and evaluating various Tech Softwares available on the internet for our readers in order to make sound purchase decisions through our product reviews.

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Comparing and evaluating various Tech Softwares available on the internet for our readers in order to make sound purchase decisions through our product reviews.

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